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Let’s begin as we mean to continue … (Part 1 – Start SMART )Yes, it’s already the middle of the beginning …

January can be scary. It’s a looming new month in a looming new year when our ‘to do’ lists and resolutions stare at us from the page or screen of a fresh new diary. Maybe you haven’t even reached that point yet. Never mind! It’s not too late to begin.

Your career almost certainly features in your plans for this year – however vague they might still be. Whether you are looking for change, a progression or just starting out, take a look at these steps.


Step 1 – Make a wish list.

Everyone wants to achieve more and have greater success. Your list probably reflects that. But how have you expressed it? Have you written things like, “I want a better job” or “I want more recognition”?

There are a few problems with a statement like that.

First: It focuses only on the end result. You should plan much smaller steps along the way. There’s no such thing as ‘overnight success’ or success by ‘wishing and hoping’.

Each step is important.

Each step takes time.

Each step requires commitment.

Second: A focus on only the last step makes the goal seem huge and overwhelming – a ‘big ask’ that is likely to be abandoned.

Third: Such a statement is far too vague. When do you want ‘a better job’? What will it look like? How do you define ‘recognition’? And here’s a big question: What’s your plan for achieving your ideals?

To solve these three problems what you need is a SMART goal.


Step 2 – Examine your list to see how SMART it is.

Writing a SMART goal directs you to be far more explicit about the end result that you want. It pushes you to answer questions and prompts you to make plans, rather than simply express wants and dreams. A SMART goal is:


Specific – what exactly do you want to accomplish?

Measurable – how will you track and measure your progress and step-by step success?

Achievable – do you have the necessary abilities and resources to achieve each step?

Relevant – is the goal possible, and appropriate, in your situation?

Timely – when, exactly, will you achieve each progress step and the final goal?


Step 3 – Now write a SMART goal


A very worthwhile goal, especially at this time of the year, is to review and improve your résumé.

So be SMART about it.

Specific – Make sure that your résumé is up to date, that it states accurately all of your experience and skills and that it is written and presented in a way that reflects your professional approach.

Measurable – Ask someone who knows, so that you can be confident that you have represented yourself in the best possible way. You can contact us for a free 10-point assessment of your résumé and measure your effort against our high standards.

{Link to: MFC – Resume Critique and Development}?

Achievable – Learn more about what makes a great résumé. If your ability to prepare one is a little shaky at the moment, seek help from experts – always a great resource.

{LINK to: MFC – The importance of a strong resume}?

Relevant – Yes and yes! This goal is highly appropriate. Everyone needs a current résumé. You never know when an ideal career opportunity will appear.

Timely – Now is the perfect time to start. Your goal also needs a completion time. Decide on it straight away, write it into your goal plan and stick to it.


Remember the January list? This goal – to review and improve your résumé is an ideal starting point. Applying the SMART checklist is good practice for the next items on your list


For some extra detail, take a look at this You Tube clip


It’s already the middle of the beginning … but the end is just one step closer.

Start now! Get SMART

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