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AAs the owner and president of My Future Consulting (MFC), Anthony Fletcher brings with him a wealth of experience. He founded the company based on the principle that people are the most valuable asset that a company has, and matching the right person for the job is crucial to the success of the company, as well as the happiness of the individual. Armed with this knowledge, he has been able to help bring employers and employees together in successful relationships that benefit each party.

Anthony has over two decades of experience in executive management, innovative solutions, building staff, and recruitment. He founded MFC in 2007, building a company that would focus on the future of staffing. Since that time he has worked relentlessly to build a rock-solid reputation within the industry that has led the Orland Park, Ill-based company to the successful position it is in today.

Prior to starting MFC, Anthony had years of business experience that had him traveling the world, reaching such destinations as Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Great Britain, and Mexico. His positions with several Fortune 100 companies included overseeing operations, manufacturing, planning, and sales. Through his extensive travels, he was able to gain in-depth experience with emerging trends, varying cultures, and business practices, all of which he has been able to use within MFC.

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resource Management, and has often been a visiting professor at colleges and universities around the country. Additionally, he has served as a keynote speaker for numerous universities, as well as for professional and civic organizations. He is committed to understanding people and helping to match the right candidates to the right positions. His efforts with MFC, along with partnering with universities around the country, helps to guide tomorrow’s leaders and assist with the advancement of young professionals.

When he’s not working, Anthony is a philanthropist who dedicates time to helping charitable organizations. He has volunteered his time for such charities as the MS Walk, American Diabetes Association, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Feed Our Starving Children, Soap4All, and Susan G. Komen. He also raised an impressive $20,000 for a MS Walk event that was held in Richmond, Virginia.


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