The Power of a Strong Resume

//The Power of a Strong Resume

The Power of a Strong Resume

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4 Tips for Writing a Strong Resume Today


Hiring managers, CEOs, and recruiters alike all agree that a poor resume is the quickest way to have your application tossed into the garbage today. Sloppily written and organized resumes are the first indicator to these people that you are not serious about double checking your work and going the extra mile. As a sheet of paper that sums up your life and credentials, it’s important that you spend some time making your resume as strong as possible today.


Here are 4 insider tips for writing a strong resume in 2018:   professional resume


  1. Format It Simply: A resume is glanced at over a 15-20 second period before it’s kept or tossed in the garbage. If your resume is hard to follow, recruiters aren’t going to take the time to decode it. You want it to be a simple and easy to digest as possible, using logical formatting and wide margins, with clean type and clear headings. Also use bold and italic typeface where possible to help the reader’s eye.
  2. Accomplishments: Yes, you want to briefly described your experiences at your past positions, but you also want to subtly throw in mentions of your accomplishments while you were there. In just a sentence, try and mention an award or special project you completed.
  3. Quantify It: Lofty language and promises sounds great and all, but where’s the proof that you are who you say you are? Employers need to know that you’re going to deliver time and time again. Don’t make too many general claims – instead, give some numbers regarding your accomplishments, like people reached, people managed, or projects completed, with an estimated number provided. Quantify your accomplishments.
  4. Industry Specific: You want to be a chameleon when it comes to resume applications. A one-size-fits-all approach is not always the best move. Instead, try and add some customization to your resume to make it very industry specific. Let’s say you went to school for Public Relations and you’re applying to work at a library. Talk about PR’s relation to libraries and marketing today, as opposed to social media marketing campaigns you conducted as a journalist intern. Custom tailor it to totally satisfy the recruiter’s expectations.


Stand Out Against the Competition

Don’t feel intimidated by the competition when you sit down and draft up your resume. Your resume is your personal time to really showcase who you are and what you have to offer an organization. Instead of fearing it, use it to your advantage, really highlighting everything you have accomplished with some cold, hard facts to prove it. Resumes are not the time for lofty language, and employers will notice if you hide being sweeping generalizations and big fancy words.


My Future Consulting

Instead, cut right to the chase with a simply formatted resume today. We are happy to assist.

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