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At My Future Consulting, Inc, an award-winning Chicago area Executive Search and Recruitment Firm our proven step by step process identifies and secures the best talent for your organization. The successful MFC Search and Employment process is led by a hands-on employment specialist who is committed to filling the critical roles in your organization with the best available talent.

Your MFC Employment Recruitment and Search Specialist designs a customized plan based on your specific needs utilizing parameters which include the skill sets, experience, performance evaluations and career goals of job candidates.

The My Future Consulting Search and Recruitment Process:


Conduct an Intake Meeting with Client

During this crucial first step in the MFC Search and Recruitment Process, the positions that you need filled in your organization will be discussed. Your personal MFC Employment, Search and Recruitment Specialist will learn about your organization, determine the types of job or career candidates who will best satisfy your needs based on your established metrics. Together, you and your MFC Specialists will agree on the experience, skills, past performances, recommendations, and educational backgrounds of candidates who will best serve your organization.

Develop Customized Game Plan

Upon completion of the intake meeting, your MFC Employment Specialist will develop a Customized Game Plan. Each MFC customized search and recruitment plan prioritizes the skills, experience, past performance metrics, educational accomplishments, and references most important to successfully fulfilling vacant job or career positions within your organization. Your MFC Search and Recruitment Specialist assigned to you will prioritize candidates based upon most important attributes as agreed upon in the intake meeting.

Initiate Search for Hi-Potential Candidates

Upon finalizing your customized search and recruitment plan and receiving your approval, the MFC Specialist will begin the review process for candidates that meet your requirements. After compiling a list of potential candidates from both our proprietary and open databases, your MFC Recruitment Agent will contact potential candidates who meet your criteria to assess interest and capabilities to successfully fulfill your job or career opportunity.

Create A-List of Candidates

Using internal search and vetting methods, your MFC Search and Recruitment Specialist will begin to compile an A-List of Candidates that have proper expertise to fill your job. Before the A-List is presented to the client, the MFC Employment Counselors will verify stated skills, past job performances, educational accomplishments. After running reference checks and verifying all the recruited potential candidates or applicant’s credentials, an A-List will be finalized.

Present Candidates to Clients for Consideration

Once the due diligence is completed by MFC Search and Recruitment Specialist, the list of high potential candidates is assembled. Upon approval of the MFC Executive Supervisor, the finalized candidate list is presented to the client for evaluation. The MFC Specialist will be available to review candidate qualifications and answer any questions that the Client has about the recommended job candidates.

Aid in the Facilitation of Interviews

The MFC Team is available to the Client to schedule and expedite either online or in person interviews with the potential job candidates. The MFC Search and Recruitment Specialist will work during the interview process to address any concerns, further vetting or negotiating that the Client deems necessary to finalize their hiring decision.

Close the Deal

The MFC Search and Recruitment Specialist will assist the Client in completing the hiring process with any recommended job candidate. The MFC Search and Recruitment Specialist and Manager will continue to work on behalf of the Client throughout the hiring phase, ensuring that the Client and Job Candidate complete a successful employment process.


The MFC Search and Recruitment Team maintains contact with the Client to ensure their complete satisfaction in fulfilling their job or career positions. MFC Prides itself on its record of success, with an over 93% Client retention rate. My Future Consulting celebrates with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating throughout over a decade of service to companies, organizations, and foundations in a variety of industries and services.
Contact the dedicated, results driven My Future Consulting Search and Recruitment Team Today. Let us customize a plan to fill your crucial job and career positions that are vital to your success. My Future Consulting believes in personalized service with measurable results. OUR JOB is effectively securing reliable, skilled, experienced job candidates who will enhance YOUR growth and success.