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At MFC, our sole mission is to be the global benchmark within the Recruitment Industry. As such, we aim to be the consummate partner for highly revered companies and hi-potential candidates who have a desire to utilize our service to grow and strengthen their position in a hyper-competitive job market, both as employers and future employees.

We realize that PEOPLE are your most valued asset and should be treated as such. Since our entry into the industry, we are proud to report our 100 percent retention rate. We attribute this success to our highly spirited, experienced and committed team of recruiters, our world class vetting process and our partners all-inclusive approach to giving us a voice in the decision making process as it relates to recruitment. Our team is made up of passionate, hardworking people, dedicated to excellence.

MFC is successful because we understand the needs of our clients, pay attention to detail, and consistently deliver on our commitments. Our candidates not only meet the job requirements, but are a perfect cultural match– from the initial consultation to the final bill. We take tremendous pride in being the leading provider of the

World’s Greatest Asset – PEOPLE. We have a personal commitment to:

Our Clients

  • High standards in our vetting process
  • Vision for long-term placement
  • Respect for your process and goals
  • Transparency in our relationship
  • Timely search results
  • A-list candidates only

Our Candidates

  • Fair and unbiased review process
  • Company cultures committed to diversity
  • Opportunities for growth and succeed