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7 tips for finding your perfect hire

So, you’ve started the hiring process and you’re looking for the perfect candidate. Thanks to the internet, people looking for new jobs have the ability to blindly apply to any job they see. We’ve compiled seven tips for ensuring you will find the best candidates for your position.

Accurate job description

The right person for this job will only discover this job if it is clearly stated what the job actually is. The job description should include the day-to-day responsibilities, experience required, preferred skills, and clear objectives of the role. It should include all of this information in an organized, clear and straight forward manner. Be sure to include information about the work environment, as most job seekers are looking for specific workplace environments.

Take advantage of job post sites

Describing the position accurately is just as important as where you advertise that job. Be sure to post the job in the places your potential employees will go. If you are looking for a higher with more experience in social media, post on sites like LinkedIn. If your hire is more familiar with traditional recruiting tools, take advantage of places like Monster or Indeed.

Resume is not everything

Sure, a resume can give an employer a good sense of a candidate’s past work experiences and skills obtained from previous jobs, but the information it does not include can be crucial to whether the candidate will succeed in the role. In addition to the resume, employers should consider the candidate’s personality, attitude, energy, interests and ability to work under pressure.

Accurate workplace description

A clear description of your workplace environment and culture is crucial to attracting the right candidates for your open position. Job seekers are often looking for specific company cultures, and being clear and honest about your company’s culture and work environment will ensure that you will find candidates who will fit in.

Hold well-structured interviews

Asking the right questions can unveil more about a potential candidate than any resume or cover letter could. Prepare yourself with questions that address both personality and job competency, and include scenarios in which you ask the candidate what they would do when faced with a problem. Ask challenging, thoughtful questions that really get to the core of how the candidate works with other people, under pressure and in your type of environment.

Always check references

It is very important to check all of the candidate’s references when considering them for a job. It is possible that their resume looks impressive and they are very good at interviewing, but are not good to work with, and their references will be the key to finding out that information. Of course, references are generally people the candidate feels would speak highly of them, but they are also usually very honest and can give you some very important insight.

Plan an onboarding process

Once you’ve found the right person for the job, you need to make sure you prepare them as fully for their new role as possible. It’s important to consider the new hire’s personality and whether they are extroverted or introverted, because that will dictate what type of onboarding process will be successful.