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All you need to know about executive search firms

Executive search firms are professional organizations that carry out the recruitment process to fill in vacancies on behalf of organizations. These are firms that specialize in finding the best possible match for a particular job keeping in mind the requirements of the employer and the qualifications of the candidate. These search firms focus on the core qualities of the candidates making sure that the absolute right match meets the ri8ght company. They evaluate the job description and then match the suitable resumes with it to ensure there is perfect harmony between the company and the candidate.

How do they work?

When hired by a company to undertake the recruitment process, they initiate their work by first drawing the job description (JD) and Job specification (JS). The JD is a document that highlights all the tasks and responsibilities that the job entails; who the individual will be accountable to and who he will be accountable for. On the other hand the JS is a document that outlines all the qualifications and skills required for the applicant to have in order to fill that vacancy. In most cases, these documents are provided to the search firm by the employer but in other cases, the firm is responsible for drawing them up.

Based on these documents, the executive search firm then starts its search for potential candidates. They might advertise the job using social media or other forms of communication but the better search firms make less noise and do more work. They have established contacts from their past experiences with firms and candidates and they know how and where to look for the best of the best talent.

The process of selection is made up of multiple phases including going through resumes, written tests and other screening techniques. These ensure that potential candidates have the qualities and skills required by the employer before making it in the shortlist of suitable applicants. Once the selection process is done, the shortlisted candidates are then forwarded to the organization to have their pick. In some cases where some specific training is required for the job, these firms make sure to provide that training to the candidates so that they are fully equipped to handle the job and its responsibilities.

How to select the best search firm to partner with?

The first and foremost place you can look for executive search firms in the internet. Browse through a variety of different search firms and read about their services, experience and any references. Another thing you can do is ask around the industry for to take first-hand references. Usually other companies that have used the services of search firms before will be in a position to advise you about the best possible course of action.

Once you have a couple of contacts to reach out to, consult them first and ask them about the services they offer and fares they charge. Make sure you are completely satisfied with each and every aspect of the whole firm before entering into any sort of a long-term contract with them.