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Developing a perfect Resume

By MFC Team

When looking for staff to fill in any vacancy, employers usually have hundreds of resumes that they have to go through before shortlisting only a small handful of applicants that they actually want to interview. It is very possible that each resume does not even get sufficient attention for it to be evaluated thoroughly. The hiring managers skim through the front pages and whoever succeeds in grabbing their attention gets shortlisted. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for your resume to stand out and make a great first impression. The need for a good structure of your resume is highly pressing in order to highlight your qualifications and key information to catch the employer’s eye.

It is important to note that a good resume does not include exaggerated claims or superior work experience but at the same time, being totally humble about your capabilities is also not the answer. An applicant needs to learn how to market their skills and qualification in a way they’d publish an advertisement. Effective selling skills are a key characteristic of jobseekers that stand out from the rest even with the same qualifications and skill level. Some basic steps to creating a resume to be remembered are as follows.

Focus on what is required of you

When applying to any particular department of an organization, keep in mind that you need to convince the managers how you are the perfect fit for their organization and how they can add to the productivity of the division. In order to do that, applicants must research and look into what the company is looking for so that the managers know that the applicant is proactive and will be a good addition to the organization.

Develop a plan

When deciding to apply for a job, you should be aware of what the company is looking for in an employee and you should then link your skills and qualifications to those requirements. Brainstorming can help you recognize the skills and talents you have and how they can be beneficial to your employer. Focus on your capabilities, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Highlight these traits in a creative way that catches the eyes of the hiring managers and makes them believe you are the right pick for the job..


Any effective resume needs to have a structure consisting of mainly two sections. The first section highlights your skills, qualifications and accomplishments. These listings should neither be exaggerated nor unnecessarily toned down. Moving on to the second section, your assertions should be supported with compelling evidence including previous job experience and educational background. Having a structure for your resume is extremely crucial as the hiring managers reading it needs to be involved till the very end and if there is confusion and the information is arranged in an unorganized manner, it will just leave a bad impression on the employer and might overshadow your actual capabilities. The organization of the content of the resume is just as important as the actual content itself.