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Get the Best Salary Package Through an Agency

When using a recruitment agency for your job searches, it can be a daunting task to decide whether or not you can trust the agency to get you the best possible salary package. There are many common misconceptions about the conduct of employment agencies that highlight them as being selfish, and unreasonable when it comes to negotiating salaries for applicants. However, none of them are true. Most employment agencies do not charge applicants for looking for jobs for them, rather they are paid by the company when they make them meet capable candidates. The charges are taken as a commission depending on the agreed annual salary. However, there a few tips that you can follow to make sure you get the best possible negotiated salary package from the company you’ve been recommended to work for.

Stay in touch with the agency

An employment agency’s main aim is to fill the job with the best possible candidate that is the right fit for the job. As the applicant does not pay the recruiter, you have little to no influence over the agency choosing you as the best fit for the job. Therefore, it is important that you make yourself stand out in other ways. Get in touch with the agency and make them aware of your skills and qualifications personally so that they remember you when recommending possible employees to a company that is hiring.

Research the market

In order to know and demand the correct salary package for you, you should know the market around you and the level of competition. According to the dynamics of the market, you can make a demand that is reasonable and with the help of the employment agency, one that is also affordable by the company that is hiring. This gives you more negotiating power and therefore your chances of getting a good package are increased.

Know your value

You should always be realistic when demanding a salary package. The more confident you are about what you want and what you don’t want, the more negotiating power is instilled in you and the recruitment agency is therefore aware of what your demands are and thus will help you get the most desirable package. However, confidence does not mean arrogance and you need to be careful not to demand an unrealistic salary.

Know the offered level of salary before applying

You should always complete some prior research and be aware of the salary that the company is willing and able to offer. You should know the level of negotiations that is possible. At times there is limited flexibility and there is not much recruiters can do about that. Therefore, you should not keep your expectations too high in such cases and this can help you look for the best suited job for you. If you know the level of salary that different companies are offering, you can choose the best possible opportunity for you.