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Use A Recruiting Firm? Who, me?

Imagine yourself up to your ankles in water – in your kitchen! Who do you call? The smart money says you will be on the phone to the plumber without too much hesitation. Why?

Because you need a professional, that’s why.

Even if you think you might have a chance of doing the job yourself, calling in the expert will make the process a whole lot easier and make you feel confident of the best result.

Same with your career.  We’re not saying you should wait until you’re in deep water, but if you are considering a career move, or hoping for advancement- or if you want to make sure that you are absolutely ready for the opportunity that might be just around the corner – you should consider using the services of a professional recruitment firm.

The long and often tedious process of searching and applying for jobs can be disheartening and difficult.  When trained experts manage your search, the experience is totally different.

  • As recruitment specialists, we have access to job opportunities that you would normally never hear about
  • Top companies outsource the shortlisting of candidates – and rely on recruitment firms like ours to find the right people
  • We know exactly what industries and companies need. We also get to know about our job seekers. This means that we can find the best match between potential employers and you.

For all these reasons, there are enormous benefits for you when you partner with us. All of our professional resources will be there to support you.

You can

  • Use our resume service. We will help you build the résumé that will present your experience and abilities to the best advantage
  • Forget the stress and anxiety of job seeking. You can be confident that your background and skills will be matched with the best possible available positions
  • Be confident of success. When we present your application to our company clients, there is a good chance that you are the candidate they want.
  • Access our training resources. It’s a good way to improve your performance in interviews and build skills for further advancement
  • Plan your career path. Your ongoing relationship with our professional consultants means that you will always have someone to guide you towards future opportunities as they arise

MFC is one of Chicago’s leading and most well respected multicultural recruiting firms. Our aim is to make sure that your skills and abilities, and the unique contribution that you can make to a company, are recognized and valued by the right company.

Pick up the phone. It’s time to call in the professionals.