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Benefits of in-house career coaching

While the benefits of having a career coach as a working professional are apparent, there are many benefits that such candidates bring to a company even.  When hiring for a vacancy, any company would want to hire an individual who is focused, driven and is willing to improve and work on his skills. That is, an individual that is receiving or ha received career coaching is more likely to be chosen through interviews because such are generally progressive people.

However, while career coaching might be necessary for everybody, not every individual might be able to afford one. This is where the responsibility of a company comes in. When specifically looking for employees that have a clear focus and are willing to work hard to improve themselves, companies can develop an in-house career coaching program that can help existing employees attain these services and thus grow in their career. There have been multiple surveys that have highlighted the advantages of an in-house career coaching program for a company, some of which include:

Employees feel cared for

Having someone to help you become better at your job and your career as a whole is something that is valuable for any working individual and it is one of those things that can drive an applicant towards a certain company. With an in-house career coach available round the clock, the employees feel that their needs are being cared for and that they company values them and their growth. This leads to the development of a greater sense of belonging which is what helps a company retain employees.

Provides a certain degree of accountability

When accomplishing any task, having a certain degree of accountability always helps you achieve it and achieve it quicker and better. Similarly, having a career coach at the workplace that regularly assigns goals to individual employees and then demands effective results can help the company become more productive as the workforce will be more motivated. Goals are efficiently reached and thresholds continually go up.

Dealing with potentially disastrous issues early

A career coach knows the employees inside out and even sometimes has access to any confidential information. This knowledge can help him identify any conflicts of interest or any bad-blood that might develop between any forces in the company. By dealing with these issues before they manifest themselves into something bigger that can hurt the company, a career coach plays the role of a mediator.

Keeping the organization together

While the senior management might sometimes feel the need to bring about a change that has the potential to not be in the favor of the lower tiers of the organization, a career coach can provide them with an insight and help them make the correct decision at the correct time. This is not to say that a career coach is supposed to be biased towards the employees but that he/she must put in efforts to make sure that the whole organization works towards common goals like a well-oiled machines. Peace and harmony in an organization brings about great potentials for the firm as a whole.