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My Future Consulting leverages extensive experience with functional practices, including entry-level management and executive level and board positions. Our team leaders in functional practices are senior recruiters whose skill sets are buoyed by career and executive search experience in the areas they cover.

Trends matter, and at My Future Consulting we stay on top of the latest remuneration trends and industry mapping.This helps ensure faster placement with the right person in the position. We also offer an informed viewpoint on how functional roles vary from one market to another.


At larger companies, the complexity of Functional Practice is ever-increasing. These roles require individuals with wide-ranging experiences that a company can then pull together into a strategic vision for a company.


Diversity is a key component in this process, a specialty of My Future Consulting specializes in this. As a minority-owned firm, we have the insight you need to onboard a truly diverse team for a new business age.

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