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Supplying hand selected high-performance job candidates to the Personal Care Products Industry

The Personal Care Products Sector is a constantly in flux industry that is segmented with local and regional companies as well as national and international conglomerates. The MFC Search and Recruitment Team has been leading the way in supplying a steady pool of job and career employees throughout the Personal Care Products segment. In an industry that is changed by innovations, trends, fads and consumer behavior, the need for A-List Job Candidates who are leaders is imperative.

MFC leads nationwide search and recruitment initiatives to secure the talent that makes a difference in this consumer orientated sector. From Board Rooms to Sales Offices, Marketing Managers to National Marketing Director, MFC is the hands-on results driven Search and Recruitment Team that earns a 100% customer satisfaction in securing talent for the Personal Care Products industry.

Our Expertise

In providing the qualified candidates to companies of all sizes in the Personal Care Products Sector, MFC has a history of success that includes award-winning recognition. In providing qualified game changing candidates to fill the job requirements within the Personal Care Products Industry, MFC uses a proven comprehensive plan. Our multi- faceted comprehensive plan includes utilizing our proprietary Network of vetted candidates, enlisting input from our Career Transition Team and Job Counselors as well as initiating national and international searches on behalf of our clients.

MFC has proudly filled exclusive jobs within the Personal Care Products Sector including:

  • Director of Training
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • National Sales Manager
  • Category Sales Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Account Manager
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing