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We Fill Critical Leadership Roles and Staffing Requirements for the Not-For-Profit Sector

Creative Leadership along with skilled organizers, imaginative marketers, specialist in community engagement, branding and goal-oriented sales experts are all critical to success in the Not-For-Profit Sector.

Our Search and Recruitment Team consistently provides top-notch imaginative talent to fill critical roles within the competitive Not-For- Profit Sector. The MFC Team consistently meets the job requirement expectations of the Not-For-Profit Sector with success driven A-List Job Candidates. Our diverse proprietary Network provides exceptionally qualified job candidates to fill a diversity of crucial goal orientated roles necessary for success within the non-profit segment.

Our Expertise

In over a decade as an award-winning Search and Recruitment Firm, MFC has successfully assisted many organizations, foundations, and corporations within the non-profit and not-for-profit sector fill their career and job vacancies. Our extensive Network of A-List Job Candidates across a variety of industries has allowed MFC to cross match and recruit stellar talent for positions throughout the Not-for-Profit and Non-Profit Sector.

The MFC Search and Recruitment Team has filled positions for Not-for-Profit partners which include:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Executive Director
  • Resident Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Community Relations Manager