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MFC Provides Clients with Top Rated Professional Search and Recruitment Services

Finding top-rated talent has changed dramatically within the business world. No longer can employers rely on their HR Departments and Hiring Managers to scour resumes in hopes of finding top-rated talent to fill vital roles. The competitive nature of searching, recruiting, and securing A-List talent throughout the business world continues to intensify. MFC is an industry leading, top rated, award-winning Search and Recruitment Agency who are proven experts in presenting and securing top-rated talent to Clients needing to fill essential roles from entry level to the C- Suite.

MFC Offers Dedicated Personalized Service

Unlike the Large Companies, MFC offers Clients a Team of Professional Search and Recruitment Specialists who are capable and committed to finding A-List Candidates to fill vital roles for Clients. MFC customizes a top-tier talent search and recruitment plan for each Client. The MFC Client specific search and recruitment plans includes a systematic hands-on approach coupled with our access to an extensive proprietary network of A-List Job Candidates.

Each Client will be assigned a personal, responsive, MFC Professional dedicated to executing a comprehensive, exhaustive talent search to successfully fill the job requirements. The personal MFC Professional leading the Search and Recruitment efforts on behalf of each Client maintains constant contact while remaining responsive and reachable 24/7 throughout the process and beyond.

MFC is Committed to Exceeding CLIENT Expectations

The objective of MFC is to form a working partnership with each Client that will produce results beyond expectations. MFC is devoted to filling key roles for our Client that meet and exceed all diversity, skill, and experience requirements. At MFC we are committed to your 100% Customer Satisfaction with proven results presenting A-List Job Candidates to fill all positions.

Outcomes that Matter to MFC Partner Clients

In over a decade of customized Search and Recruitment Services MFC has presented top-tier talent to our partner clients with an industry leading 88% retention rate. MFC dedicates the time, resources, and personalized attention that every Client deserves in their search for the top-rated talent who are essential to the success of their business. MFC is honored and humbled to be recognized as one of the Top 20 Employment Agencies in the Chicagoland area for the 3rd Consecutive year (2017-2020) and we hope to keep the streak going. We take tremendous pride in extending support throughout the US.

Results that Matter

MFC consistently delivers top rated talent to fill a variety of vital roles across a wide spectrum of industries. Our Team of Search and Recruitment Specialists produce effective outcomes for clients earning us one of the highest Customer Satisfaction Ratings in the Industry. Along with an astounding retention rate, MFC has been honored three years in a row as a leading Employment Agency.

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