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We provide A-List Job Candidates across the Corrugated Packaging Space

MFC has partnered in filling crucial roles within the Corrugated Packaging industry for local, regional, national, and international companies including Georgia Pacific. The MFC Search and Recruitment Team in conjunction with our in-house Job Counselors and Career Transition Specialists can provide qualified, skilled candidates throughout the many facets of the Corrugated Packaging enterprise.

The MFC Search and Recruitment Team with an industry leading Network of qualified job candidates in a variety of professions and expertise offers a diverse selection of A-List Candidates. We have successfully filled the job requirements from corporate offices to sales, production, and warehouse positions for the Corrugated Packaging industry.

Our Expertise

As a Job and Career Fulfilment partner with a dominant player in the Corrugated Packaging space, MFC has acquired and nurtured an intricate knowledge of industry specific job requirements. The MFC Search and Recruitment Specialists have a sophisticated understanding of the qualified candidates who are best attuned to be an asset to companies in the Corrugated Packaging industry.

MFC is proud to count many companies across the Corrugated Packaging segment as 100% satisfied customers. Using our in-house Network of A-List Candidates, MFC has provided staffing to the Corrugated Packaging segment in a timely fashion with an industry leading retention rate.

Positions that the MFC Search and Recruitment Agency has successfully filled for Corrugated Packaging include:

  • International Tax Manager
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Manager