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What Is The Best Way To Effectively Negotiate Salary

The employers have combed through probably dozens of resumes and conducted several strenuous interviews before they offered the job to you. Offering the job to you suggests that the employers do not wish to go…

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Top 4 Questions To Ask An Interviewer.

Typically, at the end of an interview, employers politely offer an opportunity to the interviewee to ask questions. While interviewees look for the safest answer at that moment, in most cases settling for ‘No’, the key is…

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Top Four Tips To Choosing Proper Interview Attire

When it comes to interviews, the right attire can help interviewees make that great first impression. However, deciding what to wear on the day of interview can often prove to be a confusing task for interviewees…

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Why Should Job Seekers Tie Up With A Recruiting Firm?

Have you ever pondered about an elevator? How it covers the distance between the building’s bottom level and its top in a limited and a very short period of time? Similarly, an elevator speech provides you with the …

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Telephone and E-Mail Etiquettes You Should Know About

While emails and instant messages have become quite the standard forms of communication in offices, telephone continues to play a significant role in establishing lasting business relationships and offering …

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The Importance Of A Strong Resume For A Job Applicant

So you have all the qualifications required for the job. You have even been complimented on your excellent communication skills. But what will actually get you the job is a strong resume. Your resume is the first …

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The Power Of A Thank You Note

Hasn’t saying thank you been an etiquette that our parents always tried to instill in us? Well, parents are not the only ones who think good manners are essential. ‘Thank you’ has a great significance in the…

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Why every Professional Should Have A Relationship With A Recruiting Firm

Have you ever experienced the feeling of loneliness while searching for a job? It is common for every job seeker to feel nervous, apprehensive and alone in the herd when hunting for a job. A little help and support can help…

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